Around 10 billion roubles spent on «Olympic» resettlement in Sochi

On October 30, Krasnodar Krai Vice-Governor Alexander Saurin reported, the resettlement of Sochi residents from the area of Olympic construction had cost 10 billion roubles.

According to him, the resettlement affected the interests of about three thousand people. 95% of them were provided with pieces of land. Construction and purchase of housing cost 9.5 billion budgetary roubles.

Since 2008, when the resettlement started, authorities have made available 482 individual houses and 518 flats with a total area of 100 ths sq m. Saurin added that 2/3 of the people resettled chose monetary compensation.

Totally, 1786 land plots with private houses and 256 apartments are subject to withdrawal for the construction of Olympic facilities.

Currently, 21,510 land plots with a total area of 8276 hectares have been allocated for the construction. The resettlement of Sochi residents is planned to be completed by the end of 2013. 

English translation by BSN
Adapted from
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