Krasnodar Territory is a leader in housing construction

Krasnodar Territory is among the top ten regions of Russia in the construction of new housing after the results of the first half of the year, Rosstat reports.

In total, the country introduced more than 22.5 million of new square metres of living space, each ten metres of which is on the territory of the Moscow region.

Almost half of the total area of new housing in Russia comes from Krasnodar Territory (7.5% of the total area of new housing), Moscow and Tatarstan (5.3% each), the Tyumen region and Bashkortostan (4.5% each), St. Petersburg (4.2%), Rostov (3.7%), the Leningrad region (2.5%), the Belgorod region (2.4%) and Stavropol Territory (2.2%), SKFO.RU reports.

Adapted from Vestnik Kavkaza