Romanian farmers help Moldovan farmers mitigate drought consequences

Romanian farmers from Giurgiu, Prahova, Teleorman, Timis, Galati, Ialomita and Iasi counties offered Moldovan farmers affected by the current year drought, 112, 5 tonnes of highest quality wheat seeds. The seeds reached Moldova on October 3 evening.

According to the decision of Agriculture Ministry's working group for assesing the consequences of the drought, the entire amount of wheat is going to be distributed to farmers from Falesti district, where the highest canicular temperatures were recorded last summer.

According to Agriculture and Food Ministry, the Romanian donation was welcomed by Deputy Agriculture Minister Stefan Chitoroaga at the state frontier. Chitoroaga thanked the representatives of the Romanian Agriculture and Rural Development Minister for the support Moldova received.

The Romanian government previously announced it will help Moldovan farmers mitigate drought consequences, by donating 110 tonnes of wheat for the autumn sowing and 50.000 euros for other needs.

Adapted from Allmoldova


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