Bulgaria faces shortage of skilled tourism personnel

Lack of young specialists in the tourism sector in Bulgaria was voiced at the round table on increasing tourist potential.

Young people with knowledge of two or more languages are sent to work as interns and assistants to MEPs. Those who did not manage to establish themselves as diplomats, return to work with tourists, but in foreign countries.

«We have to hire foreigners living in Bulgaria, or the children of mixed marriages, who know the language well. Tourists take them well, but only because they are their fellow countrymen, and not because they have the necessary knowledge,»- said Diana Petkova from «Travel Partner Bulgaria».

Continuity of qualified staff is absent. Veselin Edrov from MTS Incoming BTC says, average age of management staff is now around 50. In the peak season tour operators have to employ teachers of foreign languages.

Problems is not only in the knowledge of foreign languages. There exists a lack of knowledge about Bulgarian history and geography. It was noted that 90% of young people under 25 do not have the basic knowledge about Bulgaria.

English translation BSN
Adapted from Varna24