BBC shows drunkenness in Sunny Beach / Video

"This is not a vacation, it is voluntarily seeked death" – this is one of the conclusions in the BBC film - Booze, Bar Crawls And Bulgaria, dedicated to alcohol tourism in the country.

BBC reporter Stacy Dooley decided to visit Bulgarian Black Sea party capital Sunny Beach, which is among the top destinations for young English tourists. The location is replacing resorts like Kavos, Magaluf in Korfu and Mallorca, Dooley says.

Stacey shows the dark side of the party, where there are no rules, where alcohol is the cheapest in Europe and where bars fit in 400 visitors.

The reporter investigates also the easy access of British tourists to drugs and asks what actions the authorities have taken on this matter.

Dooley hears what young Bulgarians working in the resort think of the British drinking culture and reveals some of the devastating consequences when things go a bit too far.

She investigates the easy access British tourists may have to illegal drugs and questions what the authorities are doing about it.

In one of the poorest countries in Europe, she also visits a part of Sunny Beach tourists don't see.
She spends time among the Roma, who are blamed for most of the crime in the resort.

The film will be aired on BBC two more times before the end of the week, on Thursday and Sunday.

Adapted from StandartNews