Mining town Pernik builds BGN 300M Disneyland-like adventure park

Pernik's BGN 300 million Disneyland will be located 30 km away from Sofia, Standart daily reports.

The idea sparked in the imagination of young people of the mining town. Officially, the municipality announced plans to construct an adventure park offering alternative activities and entertainment for children and youngsters in the area of Voynikovets.

The area in question is dotted by old mines, because the hills is the old Pernik hide many underground works. Therefore, a roller coaster indeed entering underground is envisaged also benefiting from the steep slides using the natural height of the hill.

The designers also plan the construction of a green school with many rope bridges where children learn to survive in extreme conditions, along a trail for extreme mountain bikers. The ideas are piling up, but all of them have a common aim: to have a Disneyland for recreation and sport.

Adapted from Standart