24 British Tourists Die in Bulgaria in Summer 2012

In the course of just one tourist season (May – October 2012), 24 British touristshave died in Bulgaria – both from natural causes and alcohol binging.

The data was reported Monday by the British Consul in Sofia, Jon O'Shaughnessy, at a meeting with the members of the Association of "Sunny Beach" Owners.

Elena Ivanova, Chairperson of the association of the owners in the largest Bulgarian beach resort, said cheap alcohol, sold in the resort's convenience and grocery stores, was the most frequent cause of deadly and harmful incidentsinvolving mainly British youth, who travel to the Bulgarian seaside precisely foralcohol binging.

According to her, incidents with drunken tourists were much fewer in "all inclusive" places visited by elderly and family holidaymakers with small children.

On June 10, on behalf of the British Embassy in Sofia, O'Shaughnessy launched in the Black Sea city of Burgas the "Holiday Hangover Information and Prevention Campaign" targeting British tourists visiting Bulgaria's Black Sea resorts.

The Consul explained at the Monday meeting that the campaign is directed to visitors between the ages of 16 and 30. The Embassy has prepared brochures with useful information how to prevent incidents through coherent reactions.

Holidaymakers are warned to be careful when standing on their hotel balconies as reckless behavior could be deadly.

The Embassy has also prepared coasters listing a warning to drink in moderation and to call the 112 hotline in case of emergencies.

Participants in the meeting have concluded that the situation is gradually improving with scenes of naked and drunk tourists in the resort's alleys slowly turning into a thing of the past, while travel agents are now booking more cultural events, rather than the popular bar hopping.

Adapted from Novinite.com