Vladimir Putin not rules out the abolition of the visa regime with Georgia

The attitude towards the incumbent government of Georgia has changed though my attitude towards the Georgian people, as favorable as it was, remains the same, Russia’s president Vladimir Putin answered the question from a Rustavi 2 journalist.

As The Russia’s President stated, Russia and Georgia have a deep relationship – cultural and religious.

He says that the problems between the courtiers didn’t start because of Russia and everyone admitted that Russia didn’t start military activities.

We see the signals from the new government of Georgia. I don’t know what our Minister of Foreign Affairs meant, this may be issues related to the department. But such developments in Georgia, what we see now, I think may restore the visa free regime. I think it will be a very good step for normalizing Russian-Georgian relations, if we consider that this will help people in relations, the Georgian entrepreneurs working in the Russian market and in general, it would create conditions for the final normalization of our relations”, - Putin declared.

Rustavi 2 journalists asked the President what political steps Russia is ready to take to normalize relations with Georgia and whether his position towards Georgia changed after the transition of power. The journalist also reminded Putin of Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov’s statement, that Russia at this stage is not ready to abolish visa regime with Georgia.

Adapted from Сommersant