Giorgi Margvelashvili : Georgia will participate in the Sochi Olympics

President-elect  of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili gave an interview to Russian " First Channel ", in which he said that the country would take part in the Olympic Games, and the question regarding the participation of the government delegation is under consideration.

"We consider this question. This question is still open and is considered within our team. It might be a good start to reduce political tensions between Georgia and Russia. We, therefore, look to the Olympics with the expectation that this feeling of good will of sports will be a  start for a new relationship , not only in Russia , but throughout the world. We start with a very problematic point, we start from the point when, unfortunately, very tragic events have happened. Now  again, we will try not to cause pain to each other," says Margvelashvili .

According to him, it's time to take the first steps to reduce tensions.

"We’ll try to transfer a dialogue from aggressive to the sound track. Appropriate steps have been taken – negotiations began, which deal with economic, cultural, humanitarian, transport issues. Unfortunately we have to start from the point when many tragic events have happened," President-elect  notes.

Margvelashvily also points out  that Georgia's integration with Europe is consistent with the interests of Russia.

"The integration of Georgia and the association with Europe in our vision is the interest of Russia. A stable country in the south creates a real opportunity to deepen the relationship,  for the stable development of the Russian Federation as well, which, incidentally, is also very active with Europe, which is actively developing the culture, the economy, its political relations with the European Union. We see only a plus for Russia in this aspect. So, I think the interests of Russia are taken into account as well," he said.

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