Minister of Foreign Affairs not excludes new embargo from the Russian side

Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not excludes a new embargo from  the Russian side, however, Maya Panjikidze  says that Georgia will not  stray from the chosen course. The Minister believes that no matter how the events develop, Georgia will sign the  Association Agreement with the EU in September of next year.

On November 28-29, Georgia will initialize the association and free trade agreements with the European Union at the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius while an  official signature is scheduled for autumn 2014. Georgia’s  Prime Minister says tomorrow  the Association Agreement with the EU will be initialed, which is very important for the future of Georgia.

Garibashvili states that  our choice is a European family, the European way , and this process is irreversible. The Prime Minister explains that the Association Agreement will open a versatile way in business, trade and other fields.

Adapted from Commersant