​Moldova will ask Russia to embark on wine import consultations

The Moldovan Government has expressed its regret over Russia’s decision to put an embargo on the import of Moldovan wines, starting from September 11. 

Thus, the Moldovan Government is going to ask the Russian authorities to start consultations for working out a system that will allow supplying alcoholic beverages from Moldova, in line with the provisions of the Free Trade Agreement within the Commonwealth of Independent States. This accord is based on the principles of the World Trade Organization, as both states (Moldova and Russia) are members of the WTO.  

According to the government’s press service, a decision on the matter was taken September 11, during a special working meeting convened by Prime Minister Iurie Leanca, with representatives of profiled ministries and agencies. 

«During these consultations, we have to establish the exact quality and safety norms that must be observed by the Moldovan wine-makers who want to get access to the Russian market. We also must take into account the new requirements imposed by Moscow, including the certification mechanisms», – says the Moldovan Government in its statement. 

A group of Moldovan experts are ready to leave for Moscow for consultations, as soon as the Russian side gives its consent for the meeting. 

«After the embargo on Moldovan wines introduced by the Russian Federation in 2006, the Republic of Moldova has improved their quality and has diversified its sales markets. Moldova exports 28% of its wines and 22% of brandies, with an annual sales turnover of US $60 million, to the Russian Federation. This makes 3% of the overall export quota», – says the press statement.

Adapted from Infotag