Geostat: 2012 FDI USD 912 mln

Foreign direct investment in Georgia declined 18.3% year-to-year to USD 912 million in 2012, according to final data released by state statistics agency Geostat on August 15.

FDI figures in million US dollars between 2006 and 2012. Source: Geostat 

The figure was revised upwards from Geostat’s preliminary FDI data, released in March, which stood at USD 865.2 million.

According to final data, FDI reached USD 261 million in the first quarter of 2012, declining to USD 218 million and USD 199 million in the second and third quarters, respectively, and increasing to USD 234 million in the last three months of 2012.

FDI figures in million US dollars by quarters in 2011 and 2012. Source: Geostat

Main sectors receiving foreign direct investment in 2012 were energy sector – USD 179.4 million, followed by manufacturing – USD 167.9 million; financial sector – USD 162.6 million; transport and communication – USD 72.8 million; construction – USD 41.8 million; real estate – USD 40.1 million; hotels and restaurants – USD 17.7 million; healthcare – USD 17.6 million; agriculture – USD 16.1 million; mining – USD 4.9 million.

According to Geostat data, most of the FDI in 2012 came from Germany – USD 138.8 million; UK – USD 93.6 million; Turkey – USD 81.1 million; Azerbaijan USD – USD 59 million; Luxembourg – USD 42 million; Saudi Arabia – USD 39.5 million; Cyprus – USD 38.7 million; China – USD 36.1 million; the Netherlands – USD 35.4 million.

USD 63.5 million of FDI is attributed in the Geostat figures to “international organizations.”

Adapted from Civil Georgia 


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