Sochi Olympics ticket sales to be renewed in autumn

The second stage of Sochi Olympics ticket sales, temporarily suspended in June, will start in autumn.

Such information has been announced by the Chairman of “Sochi 2014” Organizing Committee Dmitry Chernyshenko.

The sale of tickets for Games opening and closing ceremonies, as well as for the competitions on 15 kinds of sports started on February 7. The first stage of this sale was finished on June 1. By that moment more than a half of all tickets were sold.

“The sales will be renewed in autumn, when the second stage of the ticket program starts, and the tickets will be sold with specification of seats”, – Dmitry Chernyshenko has stated.

There has been earlier information from “Yugopolis” that, according to experts, a typical fan will have to pay approximately $10 000 for the visit to Olympics 2014.

English translation by BSN