Shipowners are unhappy with Batumi port high tariffs and lack of berths

According to them, the only place where they can moor vessels is a territory of LLC «Navsakudeli», but they have problems with high tariffs. The tariffs are one and a half lari for one running meter, which comes to 700-800 GEL per month.

Winter is especially difficult period for shipowners, when due to bad weather they are not able to go to sea for weeks, but are obliged to pay for mooring. According to them, this is added by presidential trips, when due to isolation of the territory they can not reach areas of fisheries.

«Navsakudeli» management does not agree with the opinion that tariffs are high and says they were established after coordination with shipowners.

The Ministry of Finance and Economy of Adjara has not issued any comments on that.

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Adapted from Business Georgia