Batumi Sea Port sets «Summer» records

In August 2013, Batumi Sea Port turnover reached 220,000 tons of dry cargo, which is 12,568 tons more than the same period of last year. The given volume is a record-breaking for the overall history of the port.

Thus, the production plan for August was exceeded by 46,000 tons (26%). Maximum growth was demonstrated by chemical and grain cargoes: ammonium nitrate, in the amount of 73,429 tons (33.4% ) of the total dry cargo turnover of the port and grain – 30,542 tons (13.9 %). The growth is also observed on liquid , bulk and packaged cargos – 62,684 tones ( 28.4 %).

Number of vessels handled at dry cargo berths in August 2013 totals 30 units. The overall turnover for 8 months of 2013 amounted to 1,195,160 tons , while the planned volume was 1,141,000 tons. The production plan for 2013 amounts to 1.8 million tons of dry cargo.