Georgian government may transfer Anaklia port under management of the port of Rotterdam

"Commersant" radio reports that  the Georgian government is considering the transfer of the port in Anaklia, a draft of which is currently under consideration,  under  the management of the port of Rotterdam.

As the Director of the Co-investment Fund states, a work on the port project is underway and its design is ready.

"The construction plan is ready, although we do not yet know how much it will cost, this issue is still being studied. Negotiations are underway to bring  major operators in Georgia that control the world's ports, including Rotterdam, "- he says.

As Prime Minister of Georgia Bidzina Ivanishvili said, a port should be built that would have a 110 million tone throughput annually.

“You know that Georgia is a transit country, we have to follow this function ideally. A port should be built for this, that will have a 110 million tone throughput annually, we discussed this simultaneously. We had variants of three projects. It is the best that will work for 12 months 24 hour. The previous government used to speak about the ports and there was no project and no variant to fund it. Our project is much better than the version proposed by the previous government, "- said Ivanishvili.

According to him, the Co-investment Fund will partivcpate in the financing of the project.

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