Bulgarian opens 3 temporary refugee checkpoints

Three additional checkpoints for 24-hour stay of refugees have been opened in the Burgas region in southern Bulgaria.

They are located in the border zone of Malko Tarnovo on the Bulgarian-Turkish border, the port of Tsarevo and the Black Sea city of Burgas. There, refugees will receive first aid and their identities will be established, said Monday the governor of Burgas Pavel Marinov.

Speaking for the public radio, he rejected reports of tent or any other camps, and stressed these were temporary checkpoints.

After a 24-hour stay at the points for temporary accommodation, the refugees will be sent to the current shelter in the village Boyanovo, near the southern city of Yambol. If necessary, the former military barracks in the villages of Ravnets and Banevo will be repaired to provide buildings for the accommodation of refugees arriving in the country.

Adapted from novinite