Bulgaria must look for EU assistance for Syria refugees – Vice-PM

Bulgaria must ask the EU, UN and Red Cross for help in dealing with an increasing influx of Syrian refugees in the country, said Bulgarian Vice-PM and Interior Minister Tsvetlin Yovchev.

In an interview for TV7 Sunday, Yovchev said that some two days ago a peak was registered of over 100 asylum seekers from Syria coming for 24 hours.

"At the present moment, some 40-50 refugees are crossing our border each day, most of them coming from Syria," added the Bulgarian Interior Minister.

"Those are children, women, including pregnant ones, all of whom have been led to the brink of despair," said Yovchev.

The Bulgarian Deputy-PM said that the country has no problems with warding its borders, but has few resources to host refugees, as things stand at present.

He explained that relevant authorities are reviewing builings that can be used as refugee centers, and that they are seeking additional funding.

Adapted from Novinite