Azarov proposes that Shell join traditional gas production

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has proposed that Shell join the production of natural gas from traditional and depleted fields in Ukraine.

He announced this at a meeting with the company's delegation on Wednesday in Kyiv.

"I want to invite Shell to join gas production not only from unconventional reservoirs, including shale, and also its production from traditional fields," Azarov said.

However, he noted that Ukraine now installs special gas stations, which increase the pressure on the existing and depleted fields, and in particular it allows to increase hydrocarbon production by 25-30%, which means that Ukraine is interested in attracting Shell advanced experience.

Andy Brown, Upstream International Director at Royal Dutch Shell, noted that the company is interested in cooperating with Ukraine in the traditional hydrocarbon production.

"We could cooperate and share knowledge, jointly developing depleted and traditional deposits, we could convey to you our technology," Brown noted.

He said that now Shell in the Netherlands uses special technology to increase gas from depleted fields, in particular the experience can be transmitted to Ukraine.

A reminder that the Ukrainian government signed an agreement with Shell on the distribution of products for the production of shale gas in Yuzivska area, the resources of which are estimated at more than 4 trillion cubic meters of gas.

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