Ukraine triples gas supplies from Europe

Ukraine, which has declared the refusal of gas purchases from Gazprom, over the last week tripled gas pumping into the country through the territory of Poland, RIA Novosti reported citing the press office of the Polish gas pipeline operator Gaz-System.

"Up until November 6, from 12.5 million kilowatt/hours (about 1.2 million cubic meters) to 15.6 million kilowatt/hours (about 1.5 million cubic meters) supplied to Ukraine daily. On November 6 the pumping volume doubled and reached 34 million kilowatt/hours (about 3.2 million cubic meters) and November 9 rose to 51.3 million kilowatt/hours (about 4.9 million cubic meters), remaining at this level on November 10. Gaz-System gas not yet provided data for November 11," the report reads.

It is also reported that the reverse gas comes from Poland to Ukraine via the Hermanowice gas measuring station. Its greatest possible technical capacity is 4.8 million cubic meters per day.

A reminder that Ukraine, which for several years has unsuccessfully sought lower Russian gas prices, started to buy fuel in Europe. In November 2012 Ukraine began to receive gas through Poland under a contract between Naftogaz of Ukraine and the German company RWE. At the end of March this year, Kyiv received the first volumes of gas through Hungary. Ukraine also hopes to launch reverse supplies through Romania and Slovakia, but the negotiations delayed.

Adapted from Ukrinform