Russia to substantiate soon the need for the Strait of Kerch bridge to Ukraine

In the days to come Russian will present to Ukraine a detailed offer on the construction of the bridge across the Strait of Kerch. Such information has been announced by the Russian Ambassador Mikhail Zurabov.

The diplomat has noted that at the stage of commencement of this project, in particular, at the stage of the design documents’’ development, the financing will be provided by the Russian Vnesheconombank. In addition to that, Russian VTB has also expressed its interest in the financing of this project.

According to Mr. Zurabov, the possibility for laying out of a gas pipeline and power supply network along the bridge to satisfy the needs of the Crimean peninsula is currently under study. “If a bridge is going to be built, there is also a possibility to feed gas and power to the Crimea... They will be supplied right along the bridge”, - he has stated.

At that he Russian Ambassador has noted that implementation of these projects depends on the perspectives for the Crimean development, declared by the Ukrainian party.

English translation by BSN