Eight Crimean beaches got certificates and service category flags

8 Crimean beaches have received certificates and service level flags from the “Crimea-Beach” Association.

The ceremony has been conducted at the White Terrace of the Massandra beach (Yalta), which has raised the flag of the highest service category – with 5 shells.

In addition to that, certificates and flags have been received by the “Russia” boarding house beach in Yevpatoria (3 shells), “Rusalka” beach in Koreiz (3 shells), “Oreanda” Hotel beach (4 shells), Gaspra beatification facility (4 shells), “Primorsky Park” Hotel in Yalta (4 shells), “Dolphin” beach in Yalta (4 shells), and BriZtol solarium beach in Yalta (4 shells).

The number of shells at the flags indicates the beach service level. 1 shell is a minimal range of service and infrastructure. 5 shells provide for the full range of services, including children’s animation, children’s room, gym, Wi-Fi, etc.

English translation by BSN