Turkey will manufacture armored vehicles in Kazakhstan

The leading Turkish armored vehicles’ manufacturer «Otokar» will launch a manufacturing line in Kazakhstan. The respective memorandum was signed on October 12 in Istanbul during the Turkish and Kazakh investment and commercial forum.

This was the next deal under the contract, which «Otokar» won in May, to sell tens of vehicles for the Kazakhstan army.

Bnews.kz informs that, according to terms of the deal, «Otokar» will establish a joint venture with «Kazakhstan Engineering» to manufacture «Cobra» four-wheeled armored vehicles of «Otokar».

«Otokar», based in Istanbul, is a private Turkish company, listed at the Istanbul stock exchange. The company has already sold more than 25 thousand armored vehicles in almost 30 countries. This is the first time that this Turkish company is going to manufacturer similar products abroad.

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Adapted from Rosbalt