Moldovan mayors demand that parliament adopt law on local public finance

Heads of local administration bodies from Moldovan populated areas demand that the Parliament pass in final reading the Law on Local Public Finance.

Over 100 mayors gathered for a picket, in downtown Chisinau October 11. They held a march from the Arch of Triumph to the Moldovan Government, chanting “Support the Reform on Local Finances!” “Don’t Miss the Moment!” “We Want Laws and Not Lawlessness!” “We Need Facts and Not Promises!”, “We are in the same boat with the EU and with the national interests!”

Chairperson of the Congress of Local Authorities of Moldova, Tatiana Badan said at picket that many mayors have been subjected to pressures on the behalf of central authorities and thus, could not come to Chisinau to take part in the protest actions.

Tatiana Badan also said that the mayors speak for the adoption of the Law on Local Public Finance and for its practical enforcement starting from January 1, 2014.   

Executive director of the Congress of Local Authorities, Viorel Furdui said that the Moldovan mayors stand for the adoption of this law and that they are indignant about the fact that at present, proceeds for local governance bodies are distributed according to the political affiliation of their leaders.

In his words, “the lawmakers may reconsider this issue only in 2014, or even in 2015, ahead of the parliamentary elections, but at that time, this problem will not be among their priorities.”   

Furdui also said that if the legislators do not adopt this law, the decentralization reform in Moldova will also fail.   
Moreover, Chisinau Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca said that “if the lawmakers refuse to pass this law, it means that they are against decentralization and the European integration of the country and that they want to live and work under the old, Soviet-time system.”  

In his words, “according to the Law on Local Public Finance, one billion lei will be earmarked for local governance bodies. Yet, if the legislative forum does not pass this law in third reading, the money will be distributed among the parliamentary parties.”

He also said that “initially, he did not back the first variant of the law, which had some gaps. Yet, when the draft law was revised and improved, the Chisinau City Hall decided to support it.”

Infotag’s dossier: According to amendments to the Law on Local Public Finance, approved by the Parliament, 55% of the income tax paid by private people in Chisinau and Balti cities shall be transferred to a special fund, which will subsequently distribute this money to Moldovan populated areas.    

Adapted from infotag