Ukraine to pump reverse gas via Slovakia, Romania, energy minister says

Ukraine is in talks with its European partners to open up new routes of reverse gas supplies – via Slovakia and Romania, Energy and Coal Industry Minister Eduard Stavytsky announced this on at a government meeting on Wednesday.

"At this time, the issue of reverse supplies from Slovakia is being worked out. On September 24 there will be a meeting of a commission held under the chairmanship of Gunther Oettinger to decide which way we go to solve the issue of opening a route from Slovakia. Ukraine's proposal to open a new route from the territory of Romania to Ukraine has been also supported," Stavytsky emphasized.

According to him, the opening of new routes will ensure the independence of Ukraine on gas supplies from Russia. "With the entire industry, our diversifying possibilities will allow from September 1 this year to provide around 30 percent for alternative supplies, and 70 percent - from Russia. With the opening in the future of one of the routes... the Slovak or Romanian route will allow us to reach more than 50 percent of the supply that will meet European standards," the minister noted.

At the same time Stavytsky said that since the beginning of 2013, as of September 1 Ukraine has received about 1 billion cubic meters of gas under the contracts for the reverse gas supplies from Europe.

A reminder that today the gas purchased in the spot markets in Europe is supplied through the territory of Poland and Hungary.

По материалам Ukrinform