Azerbaijan among the top five countries investing in Georgia

Azerbaijan is among the top five countries investing in Georgia. In this list, Azerbaijan is even ahead of the U.S.

According to the report of the Centre for Statistics of Georgia, in the second quarter of 2013, 232 million dollars was invested in this country, up 3% from the I quarter and 7 % - in comparison with last year.

During the reporting period, Azerbaijan has invested 22.1 million in Georgia. The first place in this list is taken by Luxembourg (121.1 million dollars).

The following places were occupied by China ($79.4 million), the Netherlands ($ 65 million), Turkey ($38 million), Azerbaijan ($22.1 million dollars), the U.S. ($19 million), Kazakhstan ($13.6 million), Switzerland ($9 million), and the Virgin Islands ($5.4 million).

Adapted from APA-Economics