Building bars imported from Georgia called low quality

Georgia exports to Azerbaijan substandard rebar dangerous for construction. Such a statement was made in the local press by the leading steel company in Azerbaijan.

As published in the official newspapers of Azerbaijan that interviewed the owner and chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Company Baku Steel Company Rasim Mammadov, he said that acting in Georgia Rustavi Metallurgical Plant produces rebar, using waste once exported from Dashkesan mining and ore processing plant, as well as the cheapest iron compounds.

«RMP exports this rebar to Azerbaijan, taking advantage of low transportation costs, and offering the products at lower prices. If the products of this factory were qualitative, they would be exported to other countries, in view of the fact that Georgia has access to the World Ocean», – said Rasim Mammadov.

According to the State Statistics Committee of Azerbaijan, but in 2012 it was exported from Georgia to Azerbaijan about 28,000 tons of reinforcement total customs value of $ 21.4 million Baku Steel Company, LLC does not provide information on the volume of domestic production, but only declares the production facilities, which are now reaching 770,000 tons. GCS Azerbaijan last published report on the nomenclature of the main types of manufactured goods in 2011, according to which the production of reinforcement reached 161,400 tons.

While the management of the Rustavi Metallurgical Plant has not responded to the allegations against them.

Adapted from Contact Online news