Ergenekon arrests show democracy’s development in Turkey says minister

The sentences read out to the accused within the framework of a military coup, which involved the Ergenekon organization, show the development of democracy in Turkey, Turkish Minister for EU Affairs Egemen Bagis said, Anadolu agency reported on Tuesday.

"Court's decisions on the case of Ergenekon also contribute to the progress in negotiations between Turkey and the EU in the issue of full membership," Bagis said.

The Minister said that the day before Turkish court has decided that Ergenekon is a terrorist organization and no one in Turkey or abroad have rights to speak out against this decision.

On August 5 the Turkish court sentenced 70-year old ex-Chief of General Staff of Turkey Ilker Basbug to life imprisonment on the case of Ergenekon's military coup attempt.

A number of high-ranking Turkish servicemen were also sentenced to life imprisonment together with Basbug.

Nearly 150 servicemen, journalists, writers and lawyers were also sentenced to various terms of imprisonment.

The court also recognized the Ergenekon organisation, which was involved in military coup attempt in Turkey in 2003, as a terrorist organization.

It is reported that 21 people were acquitted on the case.

The case on a campaign to discredit the ruling Justice and Development Party in Turkey has been under examination for several years. General Basbug resigned in 2010.

Adapted from TODAY.AZ