Turkey-EU ties may downgrade – ruling party

The Turkish-EU relations may cool after biased and unfounded statements of the European Parliament, member of the board of the Turkish ruling Justice and Development Party Mazhar Bagli told Trend on Tuesday.

"Such statements can lead to a cooling of the Turkish-EU relations," he said. "But this does not fully affect the relations with the EU."

Earlier, the European Parliament made a statement saying that Turkey infringes the rights of the protesters. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that any EU decisions regarding Turkey are unfounded.

He added that the European Parliament's decision on the events in Turkey is hasty. Before making such a decision, the European Parliament had to carefully examine the situation in Turkey and only then make a formal statement on the issue.

He also stressed that Turkey's economic growth and economic slowdown in some European countries give reason to believe that a statement was made as a result of envy for Turkey's economic success.

"If the EU preserves such an attitude towards Turkey, the country will conduct a new policy that will prevent such statements of the EU," he said.

The protests have been continuing in Turkey for more than 20 days. According to the authorities, they are anti-government.

Turkey's opposition parties accuse the police of using excessive force against protesters.

Earlier, Turkish Interior Minister said that the investigation is underway in connection with the use of excessive force against protesters.

Adapted from TODAY.AZ