Belarus bans transit of Roshen confectionery to Russia

Belarus has introduced a ban on the transit from its territory to Russia of confectionery produced at the plants of Ukraine’s Roshen Corporation, according to a statement posted on the website of the Belarusian Health Ministry.

"The Belarusian Health Ministry, in accordance with the Customs Union agreement on sanitary measures of December 11, 2009, has taken measures to prevent the transit into the territory of the Russian Federation through checkpoints at the Belarusian section of the customs border of the Customs Union and re-export of confectionery produced at the plants of Roshen Confectionery Corporation (Ukraine) from the Republic of Belarus," the ministry said.

In addition, experts from agencies and institutions exercising state sanitary supervision are conducting the sampling of specified products for laboratory tests regarding their compliance with the requirements of the Customs Union legislation.

Adapted from ukrinform