Kazakhstan finds no benzopyrene in Roshen products

13:06 06.08.2013

Kazakh sanitary services have not found benzopyrene in confectionery produced by Ukraine's Roshen Corporation.

Kazakhstan's chief sanitary doctor, Zhandarbek Bekshin, said this at a briefing on Monday, according to Kazakh news agency Zakon.Kz.

"We examined a large amount of products. First and foremost, we check whether benzopyrene is present. We inspected seven types of products, and benzopyrene was not found," he said.

Bekshin said that according to the customs agreement and sanitary measures, if unsafe products that do not comply with requirements are found, a member state of the Customs Union must submit official information within 24 hours. Kazakhstan has not yet received official documents from Rospotrebnadzor regarding the presence of benzopyrene in Ukrainian confectionery. But Kazakhstan is conducting its own checks in Almaty and Astana, which receive the largest amount of these products. "This study is currently being conducted. We addressed Rospotrebnadzor officials last week, but we have not yet received an official response. Only on the receipt of an official response will we be able to make a decision regarding a ban on these products," Kazakhstan's chief sanitary doctor said.

Roshen products account for 15-20% on the confectionary market in Kazakhstan.

Adapted from ukrinform