Oil processing at Odesa oil refinery may start until summer end

Oil processing at Odesa oil refinery may start until the end of this summer.

Director of the LLC Consulting Group A-95 Serhiy Kuyun writes about this in an article for Zerkalo Nedeli. Ukraine.

According to him, the start of the enterprise's work, which is idle since 2010, should reveal a mass of interesting moments.

“For instance, a scheme of the loading with crude oil has not been finally adjusted yet. First, they spoke about the priority of supplies from the sea, but in his June interview Serhiy Kurchenko has unexpectedly made a slip in speaking that negotiations are in the process of completion... with Russian Transneft. In other words, oil will go by the pipeline transport, and this is the most profitable transport in this sector. According to available data, there are some difficulties here. Thus, the Russians had allegedly bluntly refused from pumping oil via the cheaper route Lysychansk-Kremenchuk-Odesa (the Dnieper oil pipelines), fearing of unsanctioned oil supplies to Kremenchuk Ukrtatnafta,” the author writes.

He reminds that a silent emgarbo had existed on any Russian supplies of crude oil to Kremenchuk since 2008. It appeared as a result of an “exclusion” of Russian Tatneft by the Privat Group as a result of a corporate raid of the plant.

“Therefore, oil to Odesa will flow most likely via the Druzhba oil pipeline, and then - by the oil pipeline Odesa-Brody. This way is slightly more expensive against the Dnieper pipelines, but at the same time, it is considerably cheaper against the sea route,” the expert notes.

He stresses that the launch of Odesa oil refinery is not doubted. For the Ukrainian oil market, this will mean appearance of about 100,000 tons of light oil products every month (about 10% of consumption in Ukraine).

“It causes no doubt that this volume will substitute import supplies, in particular, in southern regions,” Kuyun sums up.

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