Moldovan servicemen participated in local Under Blue Sky – 2013 exercise

Over 200 servicemen of the Moldovan National Army have been assessed as regards their preparation for carrying out the missions in the security zone during the “Sub cer senin – 2013” (Under blue sky – 2013) exercise. The event was held in Northern Balti city on 19 July.

Defence Minister Vitalie Marinuta also attended the exercise and appreciated the young servicemen’s preparation level. „The peacekeeper mission is a hard one, with various challenges, which need special training and ambition. I am confident that, in the next six months of service in the Transnistrian region, you will prove professionalism and devotement in executing the set missions,” Marinuta said.

The commander of the training battalion of the Moldova motorized infantry brigade, Eduard Putina, said that the young servicemen had been assessed at six tests, after that, during four months, they had familiarised with the history of the Transnistrian conflict and the peacekeeping agreements.

Putina specified that the servicemen, tested during the above-mentioned exercise, would be transferred to carry out their compulsory military service in the subunits of the Moldovan peacekeeping forces installed in the villages of Cocieri, Cosnita and Varnita.

At the same time, other about 200 seasoned servicemen, conscripted in July 2012, who have carried out their military service in the security zone, were put in the National Army’s reserve. During the event, the best 30 servicemen received diplomas and gifts.

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