Holland demands two positive reports on Bulgaria and Romania to back up their Schengen bid

The Netherlands will wait for the monitoring reports on Bulgaria and Romania due December to decide whether or not the country would vote for the admission of the two in the Schengen area.

This is a statement Dutch Minister of Migration and State Secretary for Security and Justice Fred Teeven said for the BNR upon his arrival in Brussels for the sitting of the Council of Interior Ministers. Holland wants to see two consecutive positive reports of the European Commission before giving a positive vote. The unanimity necessary for the accession of Bulgaria and Romania to Schengen has again proved impossible after Germany threatened with a veto, followed by Holland claiming it would follow suit and Finland, which also said it stands «against».

Other countries have reserves, too, pointing the basic reason is corruption and the problems related to the supremacy of the law in Bulgaria and Romania.

Adapted from Bulgarian National Radio


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