Snow blizzards cause emergency situations in 12 Bulgarian Municipalities

Inclement winter weather has caused emergency situations in 12 municipalities in Eastern Bulgaria.

The emergency situations were declared on December 20 but remained in force on December 21 morning in the northeastern city of Shumen as well as in a number of smaller municipalities – Isperih, Samuil, Suvorovo, Dolni Chiflik, Valch Dol, Byala, Dalgopol, Aksakovo, Vetren, Avren, and Ruen – located in the districts of Razgrad, Varna, and Burgas.

Over 100 fire fighters have been employed in the past 24 hours to help stranded vehicles and people out of the snow, saving a total of 138 cars and 521 people.

A total of 120 towns and villages in Eastern Bulgaria suffered power outages as a result of the snow blizzards.

Adapted from Novinite