Tourists booked almost entire Crimea for New Year

The closer Christmas and New Year holidays, the more tourists book hotel rooms and apartments for New Year celebrations.

According to the AR Crimea Minister of Resorts and Tourism Alexander Liev, the most interest to Christmas holidays in Crimea has been shown by residents of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkov and Crimea. Average price of rest is 1000-1500 UAH per person per day. Hotels and resorts of Crimea’s Southern coast are most demanded for vacation during the Christmas holidays.

As of now, 53% of places have been booked in Greater Yalta hotels, 43% in Eupatoria, in Sudak and Theodosia - 40% of places in operating health resorts, hotels and sanatoria.

Also, the Resort Information centre has noted that the number of on-line bookings has increased. Specifically, compared to last year, it is up by 16%, while the largest tour operators have noted 10% decline for similar services in their sale networks.

English translation by BSN