Ukraine and Moldova will cooperate in the development of the Dniester basin

Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine Eduard Stavytskyy and Environment Minister of the Republic of Moldova Gheorghe Shalaru signed an agreement on cooperation in the protection and sustainable development of the basin of the river Dniester. This UNN reported in the press service of the Ministry of Environment.

The signing ceremony was held in the Parliament of Italy during the Meeting of the Parties to the Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes (Water Convention on transboundary waters) Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UNECE).
The new agreement defines the principles and provides a framework for cooperation to prevent and limit pollution, flow regulation, biodiversity conservation and environmental protection of the Black Sea. It also regulates the exchange of information, public participation and cooperation in cases of emergency. The contract is the first example in the post - it significantly extends the existing cooperation mechanisms and concerns the wh»ole river basin and all sectors that are important for controlling separated water and protection.
In the framework of the Treaty will be created a binational commission to promote the sustainable use and protection of the pool. Signing this document is an important step in the implementation of Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova with its obligations under the UN-ECE Convention on transboundary waters. Expansion of cooperation between the two countries, including the development and approval of the Treaty were supported initiative «Environment and Security» (ENVSEC) by implementing a number of projects carried out jointly by UNECE, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the Program of Environmental UN Environment Programme (UNEP). Signing of the Contract is the result of the gradual development of cooperation over the past eight years with a wide range of stakeholders from both countries, including the Transnistrian region of Moldova.
«Ukraine is a nationally declared water protection and rational use of water resources, one of the main priorities of the state policy in the environmental field. During recent years, Ukraine has made significant progress on the harmonization of national environmental legislation with European legislation. Adopted many laws aimed at regulating the legal relations in the field of water protection and sustainable use of water resources. significantly reduced the number of permits simplified licensing procedures with simultaneous strengthening of the enforcement of environmental legislation with the requirements for environmentally safe life»- said Edward Stavytskyy.
He also said: «The implementation of the Water Convention is effectively developing bilateral cooperation at intergovernmental agreement on the joint use and protection of transboundary watercourses and international lakes. Such Agreements signed with Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Moldova, Russia and Romania. Their desire to develop cooperation with neighboring countries in the field of transboundary water bodies of Ukraine has once again confirmed its readiness to sign the Contract with the Government of the Republic of Moldova on cooperation for the conservation and sustainable development of the basin of the river Dniester».

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