Ukraine increases 26.1% power energy supply to Moldova

As of early March, Ukraine supplied to Moldova 117.4 million kW/hour of electric power, which is 26.1% more (by 24.3 million kW/hour) against 2012.      

According to the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry, in February 2013, the energy supply rose 79.5%, from 30.2 million kW/hour to 54.2 million kW/hour.       

In 2012, Moldova imported 845.7 million kW/hour of electric energy worth US$52.7 million, which is 27.1% more than in 2011. Moldova is the third largest importer of power energy from Ukraine, after Belarus and Hungary.      

Since April, 1 commercial supply of power to Moldova has been provided by DTEK Power Trade, a member of the largest Ukrainian private energy company DTEK. Till April, 1, 2012 Ukraine sold electricity to Moldova at a price of 6.1 cents a 1 kWh. The selling price grew to 6.9cents according to the new contract. This is equal to the selling price Moldova is purchasing electricity from Moldovan hydro power plant. The contract provides monthly deliveries of power enough to meet in full needs in electricity in RED-Nord and RED Nord-Vest electricity distribution networks of Moldova.   

The current agreement expires on March 31. Starting from April 1, the Ukrainian company DTEK VostokEnergo is going to sell to Moldova electric energy at a price of 7.1 cents per 1 kW/h, against 6.9 cents, at present, according to sources in the Ministry of Economy.         

Adapted from Infotag