Turkish submarines reconnoiter near the Crimean shores

Turkish submarines reconnoiter freely near the Crimean shores, and Ukraine has no resources to prevent foreign submarines from doing this.

This has been informed by Dmitry Zagrebin, Deputy Commander of the only Ukrainian submarine «Zaporozhye» in his interview to «Correspondent» Magazine. «According to Zagrebin, at present Turkish submariners have no fear while entering the Ukrainian territorial waters and conducting the deep-sea photography of the Crimean sea coast», – the publication says. «Although, under all rules, a submarine must enter another country in the above-water position», – Zagrebin complains.

We would like to remind that representatives of the Russian Black Sea Fleet have also reported about the appearance of Turkish submarines near the Crimean shores. Sergey Gorbachyov, Captain First Rank, has declared that in the recent years the Black Sea Fleet has recorded the appearance of Turkish submarines in the water areas near Feodosiya, which is the location of centers for testing of new armaments. According to Gorbachyov, in 1970-s and 1980-s, before the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Turkey preferred not to lead its submarines to the Black Sea waters, where the Soviet Black Sea Fleet dominated.

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