Turkey raises duties on walnuts imports from Ukraine

The Turkish government has decided to increase duties on imports of walnuts from Ukraine in response to car import restrictions.

Higher duties came into effect on July 15 after the publication of the decision in the official press in Turkey, according to BBC.

"Turkey has announced that it increases import duties on walnuts from Ukraine by 23% to 66.2%. Turkey's intention to take action in response to Ukraine's decision to raise the import duty on cars was known before, but today the volumes of increased duties on Ukrainian products have become known," reads a report.

A reminder that last week Russia announced in the WTO headquarters in Geneva that in response to Ukraine's action it would increase customs duties on Ukrainian chocolate, glass and coal.

Observers say that the most tangible for the Ukrainian importers may be retaliatory measures over the Ukrainian import car tax by the European Union.

Adapted from Ukrinform