Romania plans to refuse from Russian gas imports in the winter time

Enterprises of the Romanian OMV Petrom and Romgaz companies have been exempt from Russian gas imports for electric power generation.

This has been informed by the Romanian Competition Council, referring to the resolution of the Romanian Government.

«Enterprises of OMV Petrom and Romgaz, producing and supplying gas and electric energy, must use only domestic natural gas resources to generate electric energy at a lower price than the gas, being imported from the Russian Gazprom Concern», – the Government’s resolution explains.

In addition to that it notes that during the cold weather periods these enterprises will be obliged to shut down the electric power generation at their own gas-powered electric energy stations in the cities of Brazi and Ernuc subject to appearance of any shortage in internal gas deliveries.

In the past, according to the Romanian Natural Gas Act, the aforementioned enterprises had to import natural gas for their production needs in volumes, provided for by the Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority. 

English translation BSN
Adapted from Ukrinform