Pensions and social indemnities increase in Transnistria

Starting November 1, the pensions and social indemnities increase in Transnistria, for the fourth time this year.

According to the Transnistrian fund of social insurance, the most significant one will be rise in social indemnities. The minimal pension will grow by 26 rubles and will amount to 598 Transnistrian rubles (about US$50). At the same time, after this increase, the average pensions in the region will make 1,337 rubles (about US$108). The maximal age pensions will be calculated according to the general labor experience, and will stand at 852 rubles (US$72).

At the same time, Transnistrian retirees will receive monthly pension supplements of 100 rubles (US$8.8). Another 165 rubles (US$14.4) will be monthly allotted to each Transnistrian retiree, from the proceeds of the Russian humanitarian assistance, known in the region under the name of ‘Putin’s pension supplement.

Adapted from Infotag


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