Pensions to slightly increase in Transnistria starting from August

Starting from August 1, the pensions will increase in the self-proclaimed Transnistrian republic.

According to the region’s ministry of social protection and labor, the minimal age pensions will increase by 6 rubles (5.1 lei) and will stand at 572 rubles (486 lei). Starting from August 2013, the maximal age pension will stand at 815 rubles (672 lei).

The pension supplements will remain at the same level: 100 rubles (85 lei) from the Transnistrian state budget and 165 rubles (140 lei) from the proceeds of the Russian humanitarian assistance. Since yearly 2013, this sum has not been changed.
There are about 140 thousand retirees living in Transnistria. Their average pensions are about US$110 (1,375 lei).

Adapted from Infotag