Potential of threats to Ukraine's military security growing fast, military experts say

Military experts warn of the growing threats to the military security of Ukraine. This has been discussed during a round table meeting «Military security threats and problems of the reform of Ukraine's Armed Forces» on Monday.

«The potential of undermining international security, and thus the threats to the military security of Ukraine is growing fast. And one should not reassure oneself that in the medium term large-scale military aggression against Ukraine is not expected», – the former commander of Ukraine's Naval Forces Ihor Teniukh emphasized.

According to him, in 2011 - 2012 it has become common that in one or another country on the basis of internal instability and with the active support of external forces a conflict is provoked, which then develops into an armed confrontation.

Also, the critical decrease in the defense capacity of Ukraine's Armed Forces, and the presence of unresolved issues related to the presence of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the Ukrainian territory, can be used to put pressure on it in favor of other states and provides an additional factor of a military threat.

«The new foreign policy realities require fundamental changes in the approach of the country's leadership to the problems of military policy», – Teniukh said.

Adapted from Ukrinform

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