Moldovan defence ministry backed by OSCE modernizes security systems at weapons deposits

An integrated security system with video monitoring was put into operation at the base for preserving military equipment, weaponry and patrimony of the National Army September 12. The Defence Ministry carried out the project with the financial support of the OSCE Mission in Moldova, which earmarked over 350,000 euros to this end.

Deputy Defence Minister Igor Panfile said that the OSCE Mission’s assistance, provided to restore and tighten the security of the depots with military equipment, armament and patrimony, was welcome and fit into projects for modernising the National Army infrastructure, recently initiated by the Defence Ministry’s leadership.

«Providing the support necessary for setting a new modern signalling system in the army’s depots is a stringent need, in order to increase the physical security level at the ammunitions depots, as well as the safety of the civilians living nearby the depots», – Panfile said.

Representative of the OSCE Mission in Moldova Steve Young expressed satisfaction with the results of the assistance project meant to restore and modernise the National Army’s depots. «We are contented that the invested money was turned to good account properly. We hope that the new changes in the security and monitoring system will ensure an efficient control over the military assets and the guard of the military patrimony», – Young noted.

The deputy head of the National Army’s General Headquarters in charge of resources’ supply, colonel Andrei Sarban said that since 2011, the specialists of the logistics command had carried out repair works at six depots placed in different regions of Moldova.

The integrated system includes systems of monitoring and video recording, authorized access control, as well as a telephone station with guards. The project’s costs included repair works of bodyguard, in order to ensure regulatory conditions for preserving the special and security equipment.

The bilateral cooperation between the two institutions is carried out under a memorandum of understanding between the Defence Ministry and the OSCE as regards the enforcement a complex programme in the field of small-calibre, light weaponry and conventional armament in Moldova, signed on 28 October 2010.

Adapted from Moldpres