President comments on Moldovan-Russian relations’ evolution

President Nicolae Timofti commented on the evolution of the Moldova-Russia ties at a briefing September 4, the presidential press service has reported.

As regards the recent statements by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Timofti said:

„What declares an official of another state is his/her business. We have a European integration programme that we will implement, regardless of the statements made by the leaders of another state.

People must understand that they do not have to always live under the pressure of threats.

Citizens must elect leaders who will act so as not to depend on a single energy source.

I will not make any forecasts on the actions of other states. Moldova has bilateral friendship relations with Russia.

“We want to keep good relations with all states. The Moldovan authorities’ actions pursue the Moldovan citizens’ well-being and are not aimed against other states,” Timofti added.

Adapted from moldpres