Ukraine sold BTS-5B to Azerbaijan

In 2012 Ukraine sold to Azerbaijan 14 units of BTS-5B armored haulers, designed for evacuation of broken tanks from battlefields.

This is information from the report by the Ukrainian State Export Control Service.

This machine, designed on the chassis of T-72 tank, is used for rescue operations, removal of broken machinery from combat zones, and for transportation of spare parts and tools.

In addition to Azerbaijan, in 2012 Ukraine sold 99 units to Ethiopia, 10 T-72 tanks to Sudan, 48 BTR-4 armored troop carriers to Iraq, 11 BTR-80, 62 BTR-ЗЕ1 to Thailand, and 10 BTR-60PB and 9 BTR-70 to Bulgaria.

In 2012 Ukraine also sold 137 missiles to the USA and 193 missiles for Man-portable air-defense systems to Israel.

English translation by BSN