Turkish doctors visit Moldova’s Gagauz autonomy

A group of Turkish doctors, headed by the head of the Turkish Health Ministry’s foreign relations department, Kamuran Ezden, arrived to Moldova’s Gagauz autonomy July 1 in order to participate in the Saptamana Sanatatii (Health Week) charity action.

The Turkish experts held a meeting with the Gagauz governor, Mihail Formuzal, who said this practice was encouraging. According to Formuzal, the visit offers Gagauz doctors the opportunity to learn from the experience of their Turkish colleagues, learn about modern technologies in the sector and assimilate new treatment methods.

The Turkish delegation includes two anaesthesiologists, two paediatric surgeons, one otolaryngologist, two gynaecologists and two general surgery experts. During their one-week visit, the Turkish doctors will offer consultative and diagnostics services to the population of the region. They will examine ill patients and will carry out a string of surgeries in hospitals from Ceadir-Lunga and Comrat districts.

Other delegations of Turkish doctors had previously paid visits to Moldova’s Gagauz autonomy and participated in the Saptamana Sanatatii in Gagauzia (Health Week in Gagauz autonomy) charity event in 2010 and 2012.

Adapted from moldpres