Premier Filat calls on Turkish businessmen to invest in Moldova

At the Moldo-Turkish investment and trade forum, held in Ankara on November 1, Moldovan Prime Minister Vladimir Filat called upon the Turkish people of business to invest in the Republic of Moldova national economy.

The Premier stressed that Turkish investors will thus receive an access to a market having 800 million consumers because the Republic of Moldova has signed an agreement on free trade with CIS countries and is now negotiating a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with the European Union.

Filat stated that the attracting of foreign investments is a key priority for his Government.

«The Moldovan Government welcomes foreign investors ands waits for them. We will be further undertaking all necessary efforts to create a favorable business climate for foreign companies wishing to work in Moldova», said Premier Filat.

The Minister of Economy of Turkey, Mehmet Zafer Caglayan, stated that economic relations between Turkey and Moldova have been steadily on the rise, and that in 2012 the trade turnover has been 10 times higher than a decade ago. Turkey’s imports from Moldova grew up 5-fold, and exports – by 61%. Last decade, Turkish companies started 225 projects in Moldova.

Mehmet Zafer Caglayan said that his country has overcome an economic recession thanks to investments, and that the Turkish people is ready to continue investing in Moldova, «but we are calling you to invest in Turkey as well».

During his official 2-day visit, Prime Minister Vladimir Filat met with former President of Turkey Suleiman Demirel, who stated that his country wants Moldova to develop and get integrated into the European Union.

Demirel said that it is so important to have peace in Europe, and that it is so difficult to maintain it. This truth concerns not only EU countries but other European nations as well. Out of 27 European Union member states, some are Balkan countries, so Turkey thinks that Moldova, which is so close to the Balkans and which promotes peace on the continent, may not remain outside the European Union.

Adapted from Infotag