Ukrainian Wikipedia world's most popular

At the end of March 2013, the Ukrainian-language Wikipedia was the first in the world in terms of growth of popularity among the largest Wikipedias.

This was announced by Director General of the Association of Information Technology Enterprises of Ukraine, Executive Director of NGO Wikimedia Ukraine, Yuriy Perohanych.

«Over the past month, 83.5 million pages were revised in the Ukrainian Wikipedia, which is 76% more than in March 2012. Among the world's top five by the fastest-growing attendance there are also Wikipedias in Arabic (+64%), Vietnamese (+52%), Russian (+48%) and Turkish (+47%) languages,» he said.

In addition, according to Perohanych, our Wikipedia in March reached another record - for the first time in terms of the number of revised pages it took the 18th place among the world's 285 Wikipedias in different languages.

Consequently, by the number of articles, which has reached more than 438 thousand, Ukrainian Wikipedia is on the 14th place in the world. Since anyone who has access to the Internet can edit or create new articles in it, in March alone, at least a single edit was made by 2,200 men, of whom 700 made more than five edits, and 150 more than 100. In a month, 4,416 new entries were created - an average of 143 per day, so the gap with the Vietnamese Wikipedia, occupying the 13th place, reduced over the month by 3,316 articles.

«The objective indicators of the Ukrainian Wikipedia show that Ukraine is one of the twenty most advanced countries in the world by the development of information and communication technologies and the information society. International rankings are a powerful marketing tool for countries, and Ukraine's understated positions in these rankings are a result of using unreliable or old data,» the Wikimedia Ukraine director said.

Adapted from Ukrinform